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«Victor Zubarev’s Closed Spaces».
Yesterday, on October 24, we had an opening day of the personal exhibition of Viktor Zubarev. During the autumn evening, the gallery space was filled with some special feeling of joy and children's delight. The works of Viktor Zubarev are bright and informative, and often perceived as comics. Animals and plants are his favorite characters. Such creatures you won’t believe exist in real life. Not the ones that can be captured by the camera of our smartphones. The reality of the artist is different.
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The style of Victor Zubarev’s painting is neither realism, nor surrealism, nor symbolism, nor primitivism, nor abstraction. The usual labels are irrelevant here, as well as no definitions have been found for the works of Paul Klee and Juan Miro. This is a grotesque. Nevertheless habitual labels are irrelevant here, as well as no definitions have been found for the works of Paul Klee and Juan Miro. Victor Zubarev – a cameraman began to draw in 1988. His exhibitions are already successfully marching around the world. However, this only confirms the old truth: "Talented people are talented in everything." Just come and have a look. The exhibition lasts until November 25.  

Leiden collection in the Hermitage
The exhibition of the Leiden collection in the Hermitage was open last week. That’s undoubtedly the brightest event in the contemporary art life of St. Petersburg. The Leiden collection is a private collection of Dutch art of the 17th century, named after the city where the great Rembrandt was born. Its creators are Thomas S. Kaplan and his wife Daphne-Recanati-Kaplan. They began to collect masterpieces of the golden age of Holland 15 years ago and have already won world fame. The success of the collectors was facilitated by their impeccable taste, wide financial possibilities and passionate love for the creations of Rembrandt and the other masters of his time. The Leiden collection is presented in the Great Nikolayevsky Hall of the Winter Palace! Its solemn decoration with the majestic columns of the Corinthian order, the gilding of chandeliers and the light reflected from the Neva, as well as possible emphasizes the art of the masters of the golden age of Holland. The exhibition includes 12 paintings by Rembrandt, the work of Franz Hals, Vermeer and the disciples of Rembrandt. Visitors can also enjoy Leonardo Da Vinci's magnificent "The Bear's Head". This exhibition includes eight masterpieces of the Hermitage. So, the viewer may become closer to some kind of the dialogue of the Hermitage with the Netherlands and Dutch art. The exhibition will last until January 13, 2019.
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If you are planning to see the Leiden miracle, we advise you to stay at the art hotel "Rachmaninov" The hotel is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg. The atmosphere of the silver age of the northern capital, the beautiful art exposition, the proximity of world-famous objects of cultural heritage make this choice the best for the guests of Petersburg. Email us or just call us (812)571-97-78; (812) 571-7618.

Anniversary of Anatoly Belkin.
This month we will celebrate the jubilee of Anatoly Belkin, well-known creative artist, a glorious eccentric, a master of the installation/ The name of this artist is inextricably linked with our city. Although Anatoly Belkin was born and grew up in Moscow, he considers St. Petersburg his spiritual Motherland.  In his youth, in the mid-1970s,  he managed to learn in the School of Art, the Academy of Arts and the  Leningrad Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design participated in the «The Gazanevsky art exhibitions” (exhibitions of Soviet Nonconformist Art in Leningrad. He created   the ideas of ​​a magazine "", the publication "Vesch.doc", a series of programs "The Tale of Belkin" for the television channel "Culture." Anatoly Belkin was the author of the first television program about contemporary art "The Roof went" (1992).
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There are three of his unique works in the collection of the Rachmaninov Art Hotel: "Apartment" (or “Queuing   to the toilet in the communal apartment"), "Fish" and "Point of reception." All of them are three "documentary historical evidences" of life in the USSR. They always arouse the high interest of our foreign guests. During the art performance dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the art hotel, Anatoly Belkin painted the door of one of the rooms, leaving a sample of his eccentric painting as a gift - a provocative autograph "farting chaffinch".   Anatoly Belkin continues to participate in modern artistic life. His new project timed to his own jubilee, will open on September 7, 2018 in Kgallery. We expect a fascinating story  from the bearer of the cultural memory.  

«Nikolay Kulbin». Exhibition in the Russian Museum.
On August 23, at 15:00 at the Mikhailovsky Castle (Sadovaya St., 2) an exhibition of Nikolai Kulbin (1868-1917) will be open. Nikolai Kulbin is the famous Russian artist, musician, avant-garde theorist and philosopher, he is also one of the organizers of the first art associations and exhibitions of the new art of Russia, the initiator of the cult art cafe "Stray Dog". The current event is timed to the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth. This is a special event for our hotel.
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Gaga Kovenchuk, a classic of the Russian avant-garde and our close friend, is the grandson of the famous artist Nikolai Kulbin. In December 2016 in our hotel’s gallery space there was an exhibition "Dynasty", representing the works of George (Gaga) Kovenchuk and Alexei Kulbin - great-grandson of Nikolai Kulbin. The hotel also exclusively presents the very first publishing project of Gaga Kovenchuk, he personally worked on. The sponsor of the publication was the Art Hotel "Rachmaninov". Gaga Kovenchuk was an invariable participant of all our projects and festivals. His work can always be seen at the exposition. The exhibition in Mikhailovsky Castle will last until October 29. The audience will be presented with works of painting and graphics, rare books, archival materials from the collection of the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the St. Petersburg Museum of Music and Theatrical Art, the Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House, other museums and private collections. Well, for us, this is another touch to a close friend unfortunately late one...    

IV Day of Russian music will be held in St. Petersburg
On August 26, at 12:00 in St. Petersburg the Day of Russian music dedicated to the 145th anniversary of Sergei Rachmaninov will be held. Arts Square will turn into one large concert stage, where the majestic Russian music of that composer will sound. Concert tents "Romances" and "Piano" will be located in front of the Russian Museum. The performance will be accompanied by the comments of musicologists. "Gala Concert" at 19:00 promises to be a culmination of the holiday. The symphonic orchestra "Tavrichesky" will perform arias from the first opera by Sergei Rachmaninov "Aleko", as well as "Francesca da Rimini". The famous concerts, "Island of the Dead" and "Piano Dances" will be also performed. Sergei Rachmaninov is a brilliant pianist and composer, recognized as a symbol of Russian music all over the world. All the most important events in the social and artistic life of Russia were reflected in his creative destiny. Petersburg played a special role in the life of a great musician. He spent a good part of his childhood here being a student of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. In our art hotel you can see the room where the young composer lived.
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The current festival "The Day of Russian Music" is not the only event dedicated to the 145th anniversary of Sergei Rachmaninov. On September 12 and 13, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society launches the Marathon of piano concerts. And in the art hotel "Rachmaninov" an exhibition is open to the memorable date, which coincided with the 15th anniversary of the hotel itself. We will be happy to see all the admirers of the great composer's work. Book the hotel via the website using a promotional code or email us. For those who are on vacation, watch our reports on the Internet-TV channel ArtWay.TV located in the art hotel «Rachmaninov».

St. Valentine’s Day in St. Petersburg.
On the eve of the holiday on February 14, 2018, most important question for Romantics occurs - how to spend Valentine's Day? For most couples, especially for ladies, Valentine's Day is a grandiose event, so, let make it unforgettable. The journey to the one of the most romantic city Saint-Petersburg is a great solution to celebrate this wonderful Day for those who’re in love.

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Petersburg is n considered to be the one of the most romantic cities of the world, the city of mysteries, secrets and romantic legends. The city program for Valentine Day is full of events. There’re a lot of great parties, plenty of shows, concerts, multiple tours of romantic way and a special romantic dating on the roof. Many museums offer special programs for this day. You are waited with chocolate truffles and champagne accompanied by live music.

Sometimes the best idea for Valentine's Day is to spend time together. The main thing is that the atmosphere should be romantic, as, for example, at the Art Hotel "Rachmaninov", located in the heart of St. Petersburg with modern, exquisite rooms, a creative atmosphere, the unique collection of paintings and antiques, and corridors of this hotel are real exhibition spaces.

Art Hotel "Rachmaninov" offers an exclusive offer for the holiday season. Please, contact us via email: or phone +7 (812) 571-97-78, +7(812) 571-76-18, +7(812) 957-00-60.

Valentine's Day 2018 is an excellent occasion to please each other with an unforgettable journey.

An exhibition of the best works from the collection of Art-Holding «Rachmaninov»
A large-scale exhibition of the best works from the collection of the Rachmaninov Art Holding opened at the photo gallery RD of our art hotel.
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For 15 years the gallery RD has been carrying out a series of different projects. One of them, "Stars of the World Photography" gathered a collection of masterpieces of unique bromine silver prints of famous contemporary photographers and cult artists of the Soviet era. We are proud to present the works of the founders of the Soviet reportage, masters who influenced several generations of photographers. The exhibition features works by Boris Ignatovich, Arkady Shaikhet, Gunars Binde, Antanas Sutkus, Virgil Shonta, Romualdas Pozerskis. Photographers - contemporaries are represented by such names as Yuri Gurchenkov, Maria Snigirevskaya and Pavel Lebedev, Nadezhda Kuznetsova, Romualdas Pozerskis, Julia Kurbatova. The exhibition is open all days of the week from 11.00 to 21.00. Entrance fee 50 rubles.

Sergei Rachmaninov’s “All-night vigil” in St. Isaak’s Cathedral
Another amazing musical event will take place this summer in St. Petersburg! Rachmaninov’s “All-night vigil” will be performed on July 27th at 20:00 in St. Isaak’s Cathedral.
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A brief history of the composition The World War I changed the plans of Rachmaninov, who was famous throughout Europe by the time. The world events and fear for his country’s future made him stop his travels and turn to the roots of Russian musical culture, ancient ecclesiastical hymns and melodies. The “All-night vigil” was first performed by Synodal choir in Moscow on 10 March 1915. It was a huge success and for the next 2 years was performed regularly, always with a great response from the audience. However, after the October revolution in 1917 Russia took a strong anti-religious course and the composition was censored. Only in the beginning of the twentieth century this beautiful music took its’ well-deserved place in Russia’s concert life. Rachmaninov’s “All-night vigil” abides by all ecclesiastical rules and can be performed in church. Usually the composition is performed in St. Isaak’s Cathedral twice a year, in March and July. We are happy to invite all fans of Rachmaninov to one of the most beautiful cathedrals of the city to enjoy this wonderful music on July 27th. For those who won’t be able to come our channel Art TV will provide a recording. Welcome!

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Photo benefit of Arkady Zakharov “Ghosts of Antarctica”
June 27, Tuesday, at 19.30 in the living room of our hotel Photo-benefit Arkady Zakharov "Ghosts of Antarctica." will be held. The evening will pass in a warm friendly informal atmosphere. All guests of the hotel will be offered welcome drink from Bar "BOHEMIAN".
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Arkady Zakharov - professional photographer, traveler,a researcher at the St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics He recently returned from the 62nd Russian Antarctic Expedition. In his armament there was equipment and a scientific program for study the subglacial Lake Vostok, as well as two full-matrix cameras with a set of lenses and all kinds of devices. The result was a lot of interesting discoveries and art photos! At the photo-benefit Arkady Zakharov in the "Round Table"format he will talk about the expedition, share the secrets of photography in difficult conditions, present a slideshow and answer all questions. PS. Antarctica is a unique scientific platform, where h a large number of mysteries of the planet Earth are hidden. This cold continent keeps its ghosts and generates many hypotheses and fables in people's mind. 27 May - Tuesday - 19.30 - drawing room of the ART-hotel RACHMANINOV Organizer Art-club gallery.

Exhibition of works by artist Gennady Manzhayev «Russia forward!» and photographer Andrei Chezhin «25 homage» in Art-hotel Rachmaninov
Dear friends! This week, an exhibition of works by artist Gennady Manzhayev "Russia forward!" and photographer Andrei Chezhin "25 homage" was opened at our art hotel in the framework of the Third International Triennial of Graphics in St. Petersburg "BIN-2017"!
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Artist Gennady Manzhayev was born in Novosibirsk. In 1990, at his exhibition in Novosibirsk, he met Leningrad's artists from Pushkinskaya, 10 ("Gallery10 -10", the Art Center on Pushkinskaya in St. Petersburg) and moved to Leningrad, where he has lived and worked since that time. . "Conditional realism" - as Gennady Manzhayev himself defines his style. Andrey Chezhin is a St. Petersburg master of modern photography widely known as the author of technically conceptual projects. Chezhin films, prints "manually", using often specific artistic techniques - tinting, multiple exposure, printing from several negatives. To immerse yourself in the artist's work and get acquainted with the photo project "25 homage" you can at the exhibition in our art-hotel until July 20, 2017

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