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St. John the Baptist’s day

The ancient and mysterious holiday, St. John the Baptist’s day in 2017 will be celebrated at night, between the 6th and 7th of July.

The ceremonies traditional for the holiday are mostly of pagan origin. The main symbol of this holiday is the sun which is represented by fire on Earth, hence the tradition to jump over bonfires during this holiday. Another famous tradition is bathing. It was believed that one shouldn't bathe in lakes before the mid summer day as they were full of evil spirits. But during St. John the Baptist’s day all the lakes are cleansed and the water obtains special healing powers. On this magical night women gather nettle and cover the doorsteps with it to protect the house from evil. It is also believed that only on that night one can find the mythical fern flower which brings luck and wealth. And of course it was traditional to bathe in dew at sunrise. It was believed that such bathing grants unconventional beauty and charm to women and youth, health and strength to men. Some believe these traditions to be silly, but St. John the Baptist’s day has a lot of followers even to this day as many would like to believe in the magical powers of this mysterious holiday.

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