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Our Projects

Photogallery «Rachmaninov Garden»
“Rachmaninov Yard” – is a modern exhibition space located in the heart of St. Petersburg.
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Since its openning in 2005 it is the place of realization for projects of the best photographers in the northern capital of Russia and some foreign countries. The gallery has a constantly growing collection of works which attracts interest of city collectors and designers.

Eco Art-village «Rajan Loma»
Rajan Loma is a Finnish art village, the residence of the creative artists from St. Petersburg.
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Seven comfortable houses, located in pine and birch forest on the lake, away from the road, built by ancient Finnish-Karelian rules with special old dry pine. On the territory of the village there is a small restaurant with karaoke, home theater and a library.  

ARTWAY.TV - Internet TV channel which covers the topics of cultural life of St. Petersburg and other Russian cities as well as neighboring countries.
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The English version of the web-site makes it possible to expand the audience and introduces the foreign audience with various Russian cultural projects. An important component of the concept is an active promotion of cultural tourism.

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